Location Studio Shoot

Location setup

Occasionally I get to photograph items that are too valuable to bring to my studio, so instead I bring my studio to the client - in this case I was photographing an entire collection of Chinese antiques before they were sent off to a museum. I don't like to even think how much the collection is worth but I made extra sure none of my equipment was in any danger of falling over and breaking anything!!!

Watch Photography

watch photography

There's a lot more going on with this set than you can see here but believe me when I say shooting watches is probably an even bigger challenge than shooting jewellery! Very happy with the shots though and can't wait to shoot more like this (so it's a very good idea I took detailed notes on how to put the set back together!)

Now I've Shot Everything!


As I've said before I'm very pleased with the diversity of my client base so it's with great pride I can finally say I've even shot the kitchen sink!
Thanks to all the experience I have shooting super shiny items like jewellery and ski goggles I already had a very good idea how I was going to light the sinks and taps and both myself and (probably more importantly) the client are very happy with the shots.
We had a few dozen sinks and taps to shoot that day and I'm lucky enough to have a studio large enough to be able to house fairly large setups like these and still have plenty of room to be able to store, pack and unpack the products while shooting them.

Two Camera Setup

studio setup

Always happy to try and meet a tight budget so for this shoot, to save time, I set up two cameras to get the two required angles of a bulk batch of products.

Joanne Tinley Jewellery

Jewellery setup

Lots of lovely jewellery in the studio today for Joanne Tinley. I really enjoy shooting jewellery - each piece is different so needs to be lit in its own unique way so involves massive amounts of diffusion screens, focused lights and silver card... Which is just my kinda thing, really!

Keeping Stuff In Position

Setup Image

Half the challenge to product photography is holding things exactly where you need them and to do this I've accumulated a large collection of various clamps, stands and grips. Some of them are genuine photographic products, some of them are from B&Q but all of them are useful in their own ways.

William Hughes Wire Forms

Studio setup
Location factory shot

I really love the diversity of my clients - this client manufactures springs and wire forms. This shot is of the wire frame of a car seat which I think is pretty cool! Got the opportunity to shoot around their factory then take some of the freshly made items back to the studio for a product shoot.

House Of Carvings

studio setup
House Of Carvings Studio Shoot

Love putting a set like this together - just outside the frame you can see the chaos and clamps and stands holding everything together! I like to make sure my shots are very clean and tidy even when my studio is definitely not!

Shooting Ski Goggles

Ski Goggles Setup

These are hands down one of the most difficult things I have ever shot! They are basically curved mirrors that reflect EVERYTHING! They somehow manage to see the edge of the diffusion even when you think the goggles are completely surrounded by it.
I've finally developed a rig that is quick to put together and minimises retouching so I can get through these quite fast now and in a very repeatable way, so the goggles I shoot are all in a consistent light and angle even when photographed months apart which I feel is essential for a good looking e-commerce website.