Location Studio Shoot

Location setup

Occasionally I get to photograph items that are too valuable to bring to my studio, so instead I bring my studio to the client - in this case I was photographing an entire collection of Chinese antiques before they were sent off to a museum. I don't like to even think how much the collection is worth but I made extra sure none of my equipment was in any danger of falling over and breaking anything!!!

William Hughes Wire Forms

Studio setup
Location factory shot

I really love the diversity of my clients - this client manufactures springs and wire forms. This shot is of the wire frame of a car seat which I think is pretty cool! Got the opportunity to shoot around their factory then take some of the freshly made items back to the studio for a product shoot.

Pentalver Video Shoot

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It's really interesting to shoot around Southampton Docks - especially when you have the kind of access this client were able to grant us! One of the things I love about my job is getting to have a look at lots of different workplaces and this is one of the most impressive. Especially when it's no big deal to get really high up in a cherry picker so you can clamp your GoPro to the top of a stack of shipping containers. Was a bit cold up there though.

Equinox Gentleman's Barbers


This was a great shoot for Equinox Gentleman's Grooming in Southampton. They've put a lot of thought and energy into redecorating the salon to give it a very vintage look and wanted to shoot some portraits of their website so we set this up which, considering every wall has a massive mirror on it, was actually quite a challenge so I'm very happy to say not a single piece of equipment is visible in any reflection

Benham Engineering

Benham Engineering
Benham Engineering
Benhame Engineering

This was a lovely job - an engineering company near my old workplace asked me to shoot some images around their workshop for a day then shoot some creatives of the pieces they are making. The shoot around the workshop was absolutely fascinating - lots of very skilled engineers using high end CNC milling machines and equipment that I couldn't even begin to work out how to operate. Then back in the studio shooting the pieces I had seen being made gave me a lot of appreciation for the expertise and precision that had gone into their manufacture. One thing I really enjoy doing is creating interesting images of items that many people would normally disregard so these shots have become some of my favourites.